I am a small, one man business where each bow is custom made for you. The lead time for one of my bows depends on how many orders I have, but generally you will get your bow within 6 months of ordering. Of course we will discuss this when you contact me to place your order. 

The materials I use are carefully selected for functionality and appearance. Please look at my website and Facebook page to get an idea of what I can offer in terms of the looks and if you have any special requests, lets discuss it to see if I can make it happen.

If you want your new bow in a take-down version, please let me know. The cost for this is €200.00


When you are ready to order a bow from me, I will need to know the following:


Bow model


RH or LH bow.

One piece bow or take down.


Draw weight at your draw length. I use the AMO standard.


Mediterranean draw or 3 fingers under.


Wood/ colour preference.


Bow length.

Here is my recommendations for the Odyssey  and Kraken:

25" - 27" draw length: 66" bow length

27"  - 29" draw length: 68" bow length

29" - 32" draw length: 70" bow length


Grip preference.

I make my standard grip to fit the hand like I believe a bow should be gripped for the best shooting results, but of course I will custom make it to your liking. Let's discuss this when you place the order.


Bow hand size: please measure your bow hand as per the diagram.






























I accept bank transfer or PayPal. If you want to pay by card, I can arrange the transaction via PayPal. 



I require a deposit of 20% to confirm your order and the balance is due when I am ready to ship your bow.



For orders in Europe, I use GLS couriers. Depending on where you live, the delivery time will be from 3 to 7 days and the cost from €40 to about €80.

For orders from other continents, I use TNT. The average delivery time is about 4 days and the cost for a take down bow is about €110 and a one piece bow about €140.


Customer satisfaction:

Since I am an archer first and a bowyer second, I know what is important in  bow design. Durability is top of my list. No use in having a great bow if it will not last. A good bow is like a good friend: time strengthens the bond.

When you buy a Timberpoint bow, you can be assured that the quality will be of a very high standard.



I take great pride in every bow I make, so I can offer the following warranty:


If you are not happy with your new bow, return it to me within 30 days for a full refund of the  purchase price. The shipping costs is your responsibility.


If something goes wrong with the bow within the first year, I will either fix the bow or replace it at my discretion, free of charge. Of course this does not cover damage to the bow caused by user negligence and the shipping costs is your responsibility.


For the second year, I will either fix it or replace the bow at 50% of the retail price of a new bow of the same model.  Of course this does not cover damage to the bow caused by user negligence and the shipping costs is your responsibility.


Please take note that the following will void the warranty:

Altering the bow. By this I mean that if you think that you can improve on the design of my bow and sand, rasp, file or cut away any part of the bow, then I reserve the right not to honour the warranty.

Dry fire. For obvious reasons this will not be covered by the warranty.

Damage caused by improper stringing, mishandling, abuse, or modification is not covered and will void the warranty. 

This warranty excludes strings, side plates, and/or any cosmetic appearances caused by normal wear or use of the bow including scratches, chips, dings, etc.



As a bow is used in conditions beyond my control, Timberpoint Archery  shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages causing any sort of expense, whether resulting or relating from personal injury, damage of property, or otherwise.

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