Top quality wooden arrows are now part of the Timberpoint line-up. I will strive to offer arrows that are of the same high standard as my bows are.

My arrows have been used to win at least twelve IFAA world medals. Premium spruce shafts are selected for good grain and straighness. They are then hand spined and the nocks are lined up with the stiffest side. Final straightening is done by hand with a roller.  The staining and cresting are custom made, as well as the fletch colours. 

Matched dozens have spine tolerances of 3# and the weight range is 10 grains. The fletching is 3" or 4" RW shield and the points are Tophat screw-on field points in 70 gr, 100 gr and 125 gr. 


For repeat customers I offer the oppertunity to get arrows in the same spine and weight every time they order.

For archers who are not quite sure what arrows  to get, I offer test kits and instructions on how to determine the correct arrow.

Here are some samples of arrows that I have made. More samples will follow soon.

Please contact me to discuss ordering options.

Price: €120 per matched dozen.


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