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Since I was a small boy, I have been fascinated by bows and arrows. Like most kids, I had fun with simple bows made from a branch from a tree, but when I was about 15 years old I realised that archery would be my companion for life. It started as a alternative way of hunting and through the years it slowly morphed into a complete way of life. Archery has taken me to many wonderful places in the world and has introduced me to many great people.

In 1998 I made my first longbow. For about six years the bows I made were from natural materials. Selfbows, bamboo backed bows and sinew backed bows. During this time I learned about design principles and the limitations of materials. When I started with modern laminated bows, I had a very solid foundation to work from. I have refined a few of my designs to the point where archers comment on how 'easy to shoot' my bows are. The number of personal bests and medals that archers achieve speaks for itself.


Around 2004 I started competing in IFAA tournaments more regularly and I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to keep my concentration during the pressure of tournament shooting.  First it was 3D shooting and then I also started doing field archery. In 2007 I became the first longbow archer in South Africa to be awarded the prestigious Protea Colours for 3D archery. Since then I have had the honours 4 more times, in both 3D and field archery. I have won more than 20 national championships. I have managed to add 5 world medals to my name. 



 The film "Quiet Mind" refers to the QM serial numbers of my bows and shows my love for the art of traditional archery. My dedicated personal practise leads to a one-pointed concentration reflecting the skill of archery as traditionally practised by the wise and the nobles since ancient times, and lifts the sport of archery into a meditative spiritual practise. A practise that reflects on the ancient philosophical roots of archery and is inspiring even to people in other traditions like Tai Chi, yoga and meditation. For all those who are in search of a “Quiet Mind”...

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Archery has taken me to many places around the world. Probably the coolest ( and the coldest) was Antarctica. I had the privilege to visit the South Pole in the 2009/2010 season.

Estonian Open, 2013

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