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I am a small, one man business where each bow is custom made for you. The lead time for one of my bows depends on how many orders I have. At the moment the lead time is twelve to fourteen months. Of course we will discuss this when you contact me to place your order. 

The materials I use are carefully selected for functionality and appearance. Please look at my website and Facebook page to get an idea of what I can offer in terms of the looks and if you have any special requests, let's discuss it to see if I can make it happen.

Here is what I need to know when you want to order a bow. Please see additional information below. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Bow model

RH or LH bow

One piece or take down

Draw weight 

Tiller for Mediterranean (split finger) or Apache draw (three fingers under)

Sight window

Grip preference

Bow hand size

Take down

The take down system that I use is the best I have seen. Tempered  steel pins imbedded in DarkTimber does the hard work and two M8 steel bolts, screwed into stainless steel threaded bushings,  keep the two halves together. The two contact surfaces are treated with a wax based product to seal it against the elements. Please ensure that it is treated once in a while to ensure that moisture does not penetrate the wood.

The cost of a take down is €250.
















Draw weight

The standard is @ 28", but I can make it to your specifications, for example 35#@ 25", or 35# @ 31,5".

Sight Window

I can make either IFAA legal or WA legal sight windows. IFAA sight windows are slanted over the whole length of the window, where the WA sight window is more open, allowing for a better view of the target over the arrow.














Grip preference

I make my standard grip to fit the hand like I believe a bow should be gripped for the best shooting results, but of course I will custom make it to your liking. Let's discuss this when you place the order.


Bow hand size

I custom make every grip according to the archer's hand. Please measure your bow hand as per the diagram.















Riser Construction

The risers are either all-wood, or has a DarkTimber core with wood overlays. DarkTimber is my proprietary name for the black material I use in my risers. It goes by the common trade name of FR4 and it is extremely dense and heavy, perfect for making bow risers. 

I have a lot of different wood in stock and can order if you want something that I do not have. Certain exotics carry a very high price tag, so there might be an additional charge if you want something like that in your riser. We can discuss this when you are ready to order.


Core laminations: All Timberpoint bows have action bamboo core laminations, carefully selected with regards to spine and weight and custom taper ground.

Glass back and belly. The Pegasus model is available in this limb option.

Carbon back and glass belly. This configuration has been part of the Timberpoint line-up for the past eighteen years. It has a unidirectional carbon layer on the back of the limb and Bo-Tuff glass on the belly.

I can use black glass, or clear glass with wood veneer. There is an additional charge for clear glass and veneer.

C2 Limb. The C2 limb has a layer of unidirectional carbon on the back, action bamboo core, a layer of weaved carbon and finally Bo-Tuff glass on the belly.

The Hydra and the Element models come standard with C2 limbs.


The standard finish I use on my bows is a two part polyurethane. I spray three base coats, then sand it smooth and finally I spray three more coats in a tough matt finish.

I can do the bow in a hand polished finish at an additional cost of €100.

Additional custom options

There are other custom options that I can do, which is mostly cosmetic and adds special elements to a bow.

Ridged arrow shelf

Paua abalone tip overlays

Moose antler grip cap and/or tip overlays

Mammoth ivory grip cap and/or tip overlays

Veneer under clear glass on the limbs

Wood overlays on the belly area below the grip and/or the sight window






















I accept bank transfer or PayPal. Bank transfer generally has the lowest fees and is the preferred method of payment.

If you want to pay by card, I can arrange the transaction via PayPal. 


The bow comes in a padded bow bag and is securely packaged in a custom made plywood box.

All my shipments are done with UPS. I trust their professionalism and appreciate the good service to safely deliver my bows.

Actual shipping costs are charged. If you are ready to order, then I can give you an estimated cost.



I take great pride in every bow I make, so I can offer the following warranty:


If you are not happy with your new bow, return it to me within 30 days for a full refund of the  purchase price. The shipping costs is your responsibility.

If something goes wrong with the bow during the first two years due to craftsmanship and/or material failure, I will either fix the bow or replace it at my discretion, free of charge.

Please take note that the following will void the warranty:

Altering the bow. By this I mean that if you think that you can improve on the design of my bow and sand, rasp, file or cut away any part of the bow, then I reserve the right not to honour the warranty.

Dry fire. For obvious reasons this will not be covered by the warranty.

Damage caused by improper stringing, mishandling, abuse, or modification is not covered and will void the warranty. 

This warranty excludes strings, side plates, and/or any cosmetic appearances caused by normal wear or use of the bow including scratches, chips, dings, etc.



As a bow is used in conditions beyond my control, Timberpoint Archery  shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages causing any sort of expense, whether resulting or relating from personal injury, damage of property, or otherwise.

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Examples of IFAA and WA sight windows

EmptyName 2.jpg
Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 20.46.44.png

Abalone tip overlays

Fancy wood veneer and tip accents

Mammoth ivory details and fancy wood belly overlay

Grooved arrow shelf

Here are some examples of custom work I have done on bows. Most of the bows I make are custom, with regards to the model, choice of wood, draw weight, grip shape and size, as well as a few other options like shown above. To see more examples of my work, please visit the Timberpoint Archery Facebook page.

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