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Element Hybrid Longbow

The "Element" is a hybrid design which is longbow legal for World Archery and IBO competitions. I designed this bow specifically for use in 3D archery where it has done very well. Quite a few Element shooters are using this model for indoor archery too, with very good results.

The forward set grip makes this bow easy to point to the target and lends stability to the bow. The elegant, sweeping limbs draw smooth and delivers good arrow speed.

The limbs have unidirectional carbon on the back, action bamboo core with weaved carbon under the belly glass.

The riser has a core of DarkTimber for strength and mass. The wood in the riser is a custom option.

Hybrid limb design.

Tiller for split finger or three under.

Dark Timber core in the riser.

Bow mass of about 1.20kg  (2,65 #).

One piece or take down.

Optional 'horn' below the grip for extra mass.


WA and IBO legal.

Bow length:

64"      Brace height  ~ 7 1/2"

66"      Brace height  ~ 7 3/4"

​Price from   €130incl.22% VAT

These price is the base price for this bow model and certain extras like take down, exotic woods in the riser or veneer on the limbs have an extra charge. We can discuss this when you want to place an order.

















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