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Hydra Longbow

The new Hydra longbow was designed early in 2022. I tested the first prototype at the Estonian Olympic Round Championships (72 arrows at 50 meters on the 122cm target face) and I shot a new national record with the prototype. Since then a few international medals have been won with the Hydra.

The Hydra is visually similar to the Pegasus, but the construction starts with a width of 45mm compared to the 38mm of the Pegasus. The end result is a bow with more mass. The taper of the core laminations is also different from that of the Pegasus.

The riser is constructed from DarkTimber with decorative wood overlays, making the riser strong and heavy. The mass of the standard design is about 1700kg/3,7lbs and about 2kg/4,4lbs with the optional 'horn' on the bottom part of the riser.

The limbs have a standard construction of unidirectional carbon on the back, two custom tapered action bamboo core laminations, a layer of carbon and black  glass on the belly.

As with the other Timberpoint models, the bow is fully customisable with regards to bow length, draw weight, dexterity, grip shape and size as well as the sight window.

IFAA legal, depending on sight window choice.

WA and IBO legal.

Bow length:

66"      Brace height   ~  8 1/2"

68"      Brace height   ~  8 3/4" 

70"      Brace height   ~  9"

Price from  €1495 incl. 22% VAT

Custom options:

There are a few custom options available. Please see the order page for more details.

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