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Icarus Hybrid Longbow

The "Icarus" is a fast shooting hybrid longbow.. What I set out to accomplish with this design was to make a hybrid design longbow that was 64" long and that drew smooth to at least 30" of draw length. I also wanted to incorporate a heavy riser, similar to the Kraken longbow.


The width of the limbs at the widest point is just under 1 3/4" and tapers to just under 1/2" wide at the tips. The limbs are available in carbon back with glass belly, as well as the C2 limb.

The riser has a core of Dark Timber to give stiffness, strength and weight. Wood overlays add beauty. The sight window is cut to center, but I can cut past center if requested.

This design is legal for WA and IBO longbow classes.

Additional 'horns' can be added for additional mass.

Bow length:

64"      Brace height  ~  7 1/2"

66"      Brace height  ~  7 3/4"

Price from €1495  incl.22%VAT





Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 21.42.43.png
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