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ICARUS Hybrid longbow

The "Icarus" is a fast shooting hybrid longbow.. What I set out to accomplish with this design was to make a hybrid design longbow that was 64" long and that drew smooth to at least 30" of draw length. I also wanted to incorporate a heavy riser, similar to the Kraken longbow.

For the limbs I use unidirectional carbon on the back and Bo-Tuff ULS glass on the belly, with two tapered action bamboo core laminations. The width of the limbs at the widest point is just under 1 3/4" and tapers to just under 1/2" wide at the tips.

The riser has a core of Dark Timber to give stiffness, strength and weight. Wood overlays add beauty. The sight window is cut to center, but I can cut past center if requested.

The recommended brace height is from 7" to 7 1/2".

Offered in lengths of 64" to 68".

This design is legal for WA and IBO longbow classes.

Price one piece   from  €1200.00

Take-down  from          €1400.00

These prices are the base prices and certain extras like exotic woods or veneer on the limbs have an extra charge. We can discuss this when you want to place an order.

This is the first prototype I made. The deep deflex reflex of the limbs can be seen here, as well as the limb shape at the braced position.


This is what the bow looks like at full draw. This is at my 28" draw length.


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