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Medusa Longbow

The Medusa longbow was designed to be a very stable shooting bow. John Demmer III used one of the first prototypes to break the US Archery indoor record. He did it real well. He  broke the record with more than 100 points. His highest one day score was 546 and the total for two days was 1083. That was done on the 40cm WA target face.


Limb design based on the proven Odyssey limb.

D-shaped limbs when strung.

Big heavy riser featuring mostly DarkTimber.

Mass of about 2kg / 4.4 pounds, depending on wood choice.

Bow riser is 1 3/4" wide.

Trusted Timberpoint grip. Custom option available.

Custom sight window.

UD carbon back, action bamboo limb core laminations and a glass belly. Also available in the Timberpoint C2 limb.

Custom wood options.

Tiller for split finger or three under.

One piece or take down.

Cut to center or past center.

IFAA legal, depending on sight window choice.

WA and IBO legal.

​​Bow length:

66"      Brace height  ~  7 1/2"

68"      Brace height  ~  7 3/4"

70"      Brace height  ~  8"

Price from  €1495 incl. 22% VAT

These prices are the base prices and certain extras like exotic woods or veneer on the limbs have an extra charge. We can discuss this when you want to place an order.

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