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Odyssey Longbow

The new model Odyssey done well in the trials. In just a few months the prototypes have won a lot of 3D and field archery tournaments. At the Estonian Open Field Championships a new hunter round record of 383 was shot. This equals the current world record.

New design limbs.

New riser design.

Trusted Timberpoint grip.

Custom sight window.

UD carbon back.

Action bamboo limb core in natural or caramel colour.

ULS glass belly in clear or black.

Tiller for split finger or three under.

Dark Timber core in the riser.

Bow mass of about 1.30kg  (2,85 #).

One piece or take down.

Bow lengths of 66" to 70"

Bace height: 7 3/4" to 8 1/4"

Price for one piece bow  from  € 1100.00

Price for take down bow from  € 1300.00

Timberpoint Archery

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