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Pegasus Longbow

The Pegasus longbow is visually different than the other Timberpoint models. The belly lamination runs all the way through the riser, with the grip part glued on top of the belly glass.

The Pegasus pays tribute to the great bows build by Jim Plone and Buddy Sempler, the original makers of the 21st Century longbows. 

The front part of the riser has a core of DarkTimber. making the riser strong and heavy. The wood overlays are customisable. 

The back part of the riser is made from DarkTimber with matching wood laminations.

The mass of the Pegasus is about 3 pounds. 

The limbs have a unidirectional carbon back, two action bamboo core laminations and a ULS glass belly. It is also available in the new limb.

As with the other Timberpoint models, the bow is fully customisable, with regards to bow length, draw weight, dexterity, gip shape and size as well as the sight window.


These prices are the base prices and certain extras like exotic woods or veneer on the limbs have an extra charge. We can discuss this when you want to place an order.


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