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Pegasus Longbow

The Pegasus is one of my most popular models and it has won numerous medals at all levels of archery tournaments. The deflex design of the riser makes for a forgiving bow while retaining good arrow speed.

The riser is available in solid wood for lighter mass. This option will have a total of bow mass of about 850g/1,85lbs.

With a DarkTimber core and belly section the mass will be about 1.4kg/3,1lbs.

The distributed mass of the riser balances the bow very well. 


The limbs are available in glass back and belly, carbon backed and glass belly, or Timberpoint C2 limbs.

IFAA legal, depending on sight window choice.

WA and IBO legal.

Bow length:

66"      Brace height  ~  8 1/2" 

68"      Brace height  ~  8 3/4"

70"      Brace height  ~  9"

​Price from   €1150  incl. 22% VAT

These prices are the base prices and certain extras like exotic woods or veneer on the limbs have an extra charge. We can discuss this when you want to place an order.

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