IFAA an WA legal  longbow


Hybrid design longbow


Over five pounds of mass

The Heaviest longbow from Timberpoint


IFAA and WA legal  longbow


IFAA and WA legal longbow


Heavyweight IFAA and WA legal longbow


Today I received the parcel.. The bow is fantastic well done.. Thank you very much for making me such a nice bow... What is even better an absolutely cutting edge of all bows I shot over the years is the performance an the feeling shooting it.. a real pleasure. It is such a masterpiece of craftsmanship. My deep respect and honour for your skills and mastercraft..

Christopher, Germany

Craftsmanship and quality

Every Timberpoint bow is made by me, from start to finish. It is important to me to know that every step of the manufacturing process is done in a precise and consistent way.

Modern Longbows crafted for accurate shooting

As a competitive archer with five world medals, I know what aspects are important in a bow to achieve great accuracy. 

New for 2020
All Timberpoint bow models are now available with the the double carbon limbs
The limb construction has a layer of weaved carbon sandwiched between the action bamboo core lamination and the belly glass.
This adds speed and stability to the limb.

"May your aim be true"

Archery is the driving force in my life. I have been shooting bows for at least 30 years and I have been making bows for twenty years.The above quote sums up my life philosophy. 

In life, as in archery, if your aim is true in what you do, you will reap the benefits of your thoughts and actions.


Timberpoint Archery

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